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Dear Doomlady/Doomlord! Welcome to the Doomlord Wiki site, the place to find out everything you have always wanted to know about the game. This site is intended to be a more or less exact translation of the page Végzetúr Wiki. You are welcome to help us improve this site, so if you find that some information is missing or you see any errors, please let us know. Currently the site is being under heavy development, new content is being added continuously.

Important notice: the list of known adventures requires the help of all players in order to reach its best potential. We're adding adventures as we go, and you can also help us with new additions to that list.

Editing these pages is possible for you too if you feel up to the task. Only members of the site are allowed to edit the pages, membership can be obtained by requesting an invitation from one of the admins of the page, you can find them in the list of members below. If you have information about the game which is not already present at this site, and you want to share it but don't want to edit the corresponding pages directly, you can upload it to the User input page. (you will still have to be a member of the site in order to do that) Any data uploaded to the User input page will be processed by our staff as soon as time allows.

List of known adventures
List of creatures

As you might have noticed, item and creature names are links pointing to their images. To save you from having to click on that image, there is a script which shows these images in small popup windows. This script will work in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. For Firefox it requires the GreaseMonkey addon, for Chrome, the Blank Canvas Script Handler addon. After you have installed these addons into Firefox/Chrome respectively and restarted your browser, you can download and install the script from here: PicView script.

Doomlord calculator

News: The script under the following link lists the tests of currently known adventures on the Adventures page: Adventure wiki script. You can install this for Firefox if you have the GreaseMonkey addon installed. It will probably work in Chrome too (although it hasn't been tested yet), as long as you have the Blank Canvas Script Handler addon installed.

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