Ability points are the main measure of a character.

Basic abilities

Each character has 7 basic abilities. Abilities can be classified into two main categories:

Physical abilities:

Magic abilities:

Bonuses from equipment

The bonuses given by your equipment are shown in brackets next to your ability.
Example: Strength 50 (+23)
These bonuses don't count towards your ability total and they are not considered when upgrading an ability.

Improving the abilities

At the beginning, all characters start from 20 with their basic abilities. Increasing them by one point from level $x$ of the ability costs $x^2 - 100$ soul-energy.
If you have the required soul energy at hand, click on the add.gif button next to the ability you want to improve and after a pop up window it will be increased by 1 point.


The eighth ability is luck, which is at level 1 when you acquire it. You will be granted the luck ability if you take part of building the soul-well in your first clan or upon filling a soul-well for the first time with the required soul-energy. Improving your luck is different from the other abilities. You need to build in order to increase your luck. You don't have to build the amount of soul-energy required for increasing your luck all at once. Your buildings are accumulated and when you reach the amount required, your luck will increase by one point. Increasing your luck from level $x$ by one point costs $(x+21)^2-100$ soul-energy.

Ability total

It is an important measure of your character, which is visible for everybody else too. Ability total is the sum of your 7 basic abilities and your luck.


After reaching level 20, the Specialization option will appear under the Misc menu. You can pick one ability for specialization, this ability will cost 10% less SE to increase. Specialization can be changed for free once every 30 days, or anytime for a cost of 10 ancient stones.

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