Starting at level 40, you have a chance to find adventures during hunts and duels. This chance is 5%, which can be increased to 6% with the adventure orb relic. You can find these adventures in the Adventures menu, where you can decide to accept or drop an adventure. If you drop it, you will still be able to find the same adventure again later during hunts and duels. If you accept an adventure, you will perform a series of tests, and by completeting them, you will earn soul diamonds used to buy certain items from the soul-huckster. If you fail at any of the tests of the adventure, you can try to do it again the next day. For ability and skill tests, a random number will be generated, this is added to your ability/skill level, and if the sum is higher or equal to the required value, you will pass the test. You can use crystal points to increase the sum, thus increasing the chance of passing the test. You must set the maximum number of crystal points you wish to use while doing an adventure. You can acquire soul diamonds by performing repeatable quests, by challenges or by using crystal potions you can buy at the soul-huckster.

You can store a maximum of 10 adventures at once, if you already have 10 adventures, you will not be able to find more until you complete or drop some of your active adventures. Buying the comfort functions at the acceleration options gives you the possibility to set hunts stop automatically if you already have 10 active adventures.

If you possess crystal points, you can also write new adventures. After completing an adventure, it is possible to rate it on a scale from 1 to 10, according to how much you like that adventure. The number of completed adventures for each player appears in the characters - achievements page of the highscores.

On the adventures page, you can see adventures written by you and the ratings those adventures received from other players.

List of known adventures


You will gain soul diamonds for successfully completing an adventure. The number of soul diamonds depends on the number of tests the adventure consists of, and the level of the character: $(number of tests * character level) / 4$. So for example, a level 40 character will gain 10 soul diamonds for each successful test.


  • Adventures written after 03.11.2009 consist of at least 3 tests.
  • For tests involving healing and magic potions, you will use the lowest level potions in your possession. You can set whether you want to use premium or non-premium potions. During potion tests, you need potions whose level is at least $your level - 49$.
  • In case you successfully pass certain types of tests, but fail to complete the adventure itself, you will not have to perform those tests again the next time you try the adventure. The tests included in this category are battles, item and soul-energy tests.
  • When performing a skill or ability test, the required value is computed as the sum of a threshold value and $$RND(character level / 3)$. (RND means a random number having its maximum value determined by the value in the brackets) Your character's skill/ability added to a number, expressed also by $RND(character level / 3)$ is tested against the required value, and if it matches that value or is higher, you will pass the test. If there are at least 3 characters of the same level as yours, the threshold vaílue is computed as the average of the skill/ability levels of those characters (computed twice a day), otherwise, another method is used to compute the threshold value. The exceptions are climbing, detect traps and pick locks, for which the threshold is not computed by using the average skill levels of the characters, but simply by using your level. The expected level of these skills is $character level - 40$.
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