List of known adventures
# Name Test1 Test2 Test3 Test4 Test5 Test6 Test7 Test8 Other
1 Deep well climbing fight
2 Collapsed cave secondary attack fight HP heal wounds Luck
3 Ancient Tower Magic subspace detection SP fight HP detect traps fight
4 Ancient battlefield Strength fight transcendal projection fight Defense fight climbing fight
5 The mage trials charisma SE Quiz IQ
6 Stone hut fight pick locks
7 Orgling village leadership charisma trade oblivion fight
8 Lady of the lake IQ SP heal wounds healing potion
9 Problem with the catalyst climbing Constitution pick locks SE building
10 Abandoned fortress climbing Quiz pick locks fight fight
11 Wrestling pit building SP IQ fight HP fight
12 The hunt Strength trade fight pet training
13 Ruined tunnel detect traps fight Quiz
14 Rise to Valhalla mana potion Luck HP
16 The sword of He-Man fight healing potion Constitution climbing HP SP
17 Descent to the destroyed wonder Quiz fight Quiz
18 The fear of the unknown Luck Magic Defense
19 assasin encounter critical hit fight Luck
# Name Test1 Test2 Test3 Test4 Test5 Test6 Test7 Test8 Other
23 Calm before the storm fight Quiz Quiz
25 A dragon's treasure Quiz Quiz Quiz
28 dreath fight IQ trade
29 A new spell IQ Luck fight fight
31 The Job Interview IQ climbing SP mind boost
32 Brainache IQ SP mana potion learning
33 Homeward Constitution detect traps trapping Attack Defense fight charisma
34 The Arena HP healing potion Strength
36 journey home fight Constitution elementary fusion
37 Clan orb subspace detection fight detect traps fight
38 Voyage of the Lemur execution trapping Defense critical hit critical spell Attack intelligent pet
39 The Passing Ritual fight healing potion climbing Luck fight detect traps execution SE
40 Enter the Cavern Magic Strength Defense
# Name Test1 Test2 Test3 Test4 Test5 Test6 Test7 Test8 Other
41 The Long Walk IQ heal wounds Luck fight trade Constitution Strength fight
42 Zombie Attack fight healing potion climbing fight
45 gambler trade detect traps fight
46 The Archery Contest Constitution Strength Quiz expert hunt execution critical hit fight IQ
48 Crypt of Doom fight SP Quiz climbing
49 The Mystic Cave thievery detect traps Magic fight
51 Journey to the River Urdook and Beyond Quiz transcendal projection Thaumaturgy
54 The city of the lost pick locks Strength fight
57 The Commander's wife charisma Luck mana potion SE fight SP
58 Fight Club SE fight healing potion
59 The poorly made map HP IQ Luck Strength
60 spelunking for Dwarf Flesh Defense critical hit fight
# Name Test1 Test2 Test3 Test4 Test5 Test6 Test7 Test8 Other
62 Take a parcel to Caddock. healing potion quiz trade IQ fight
63 Ode to the Doomlord critical spell fight HP defense healing potion
64 Escape from the wicked mage Strength Magic Luck fight
66 The fountain of summoning IQ Quiz fight
67 There can be only one IQ detect traps Luck Strength Defense mind boost
69 Battle of the Twins fight HP execution
70 The Beast that is I. fight climbing thievery pick locks
71 Wooden Horse detect traps Defense Magic
72 River Artemis trapping Strength Quiz Thaumaturgy Quiz
73 Sidetracked IQ Luck fight thievery
74 Cave of the Lost fight leadership SE
75 Seeking for the light fight healing potion building
76 Tom Foolery charisma pet training Quiz
77 The cave fight oblivion HP
78 Strange game Constitution Luck detect traps fight
79 The Drain IQ HP SP fight fight healing potion fight mind boost
# Name Test1 Test2 Test3 Test4 Test5 Test6 Test7 Test8 Other
82 The Tournament of 48 leadership execution trapping expert hunt SP fight critical hit fight
85 The Forest of Doom trade mind boost Quiz Attack fight
86 City of Light fight magical regen. pick locks
87 Elf keep Defense Luck Quiz
89 Helping the horde building Luck Magic
90 trial of fire climbing fight subspace detection Constitution
94 Lady in the cave pick locks fight climbing
97 horde maker leadership fight detect traps
98 Wizards sword fight detect traps pick locks fight SE
# Name Test1 Test2 Test3 Test4 Test5 Test6 Test7 Test8 Other
101 Cave In detect traps HP secondary spell fight
102 The Capital needs YOU! building SE fight
103 Mother's Anguish trapping Luck IQ execution
106 The Call of the Old Ones fight fight Quiz fight Strength HP
110 Chaos run constitution HP detect traps fight fight
112 The new protégé SE Luck fight expert hunt fight HP hard skin SP
115 A useful recipe map finding IQ trapping fight critical hit elementary fusion
117 Out of the box mana potion fight expert hunt
118 out of control attack luck fight climbing
119 Finding of the noble sword Fight mind boost detect traps Defense Magic Fight healing potion Strength
# Name Test1 Test2 Test3 Test4 Test5 Test6 Test7 Test8 Other
121 Just Another Day fight charisma trapping building Strength leadership fight
122 If it's too good to be true… transcendal projection subspace detection HP Thaumaturgy healing potion
123 A dose of reality! Constitution climbing SP fight heal wounds fight Strength
124 Dragon Hunter Strength fight Constitution IQ
125 Jolly Good Time Quiz Strength Quiz Fight
129 Scouting Report Constitution fight execution Defense
131 Glimpse of the Past Constitution heal wounds IQ fight climbing Strength
134 The long trial fight fight climbing quiz pick locks SP
135 The Cave of Light SP SP mana potion subspace detection fight IQ fight HP
136 Spirit Quest luck fight SP magic
137 The gem Strength fight intelligent pet detect traps detect traps fight pick locks
138 back home map finding building Strength
139 The daily rutt charisma thievery Luck fight detect traps HP Thaumaturgy
140 Finding the lost army detect traps Strength fight SP healing potion IQ fight SP
# Name Test1 Test2 Test3 Test4 Test5 Test6 Test7 Test8 Other
141 Finding the Castle Arrrr fight map finding IQ fight charisma detect traps Luck fight
143 Ancient magic learning magic strength mind boost constitution
144 Deep end building constitution fight learning climbing pick locks
146 Preparing for War! trade map finding fight
147 The Kings lonely Wife fight Attack SE
148 Disturbed Treasure Strength healing potion Quiz Luck Defense Attack fight thievery
149 Brother fight IQ SE
150 Goblins of Ancient Past fight secondary attack Defense
153 Don't read this HP Luck fight healing potion Strength fight SE learning
154 The meeting of Thror climbing fight healing potion Strength
155 The Creature in the Cave climbing detect traps HP Luck fight healing potion Strength charisma
156 Adventure rhyme to kill the time fight map finding Strength fight
157 The Amber Gem IQ Strength Constitution fight fight
158 Undead Stomp Strength healing potion fight
159 The Box Within the Box IQ Strength Thaumaturgy SP fight trapping Luck
160 Show in the Camp IQ Magic pet training intelligent pet Defense Attack fight charisma
# Name Test1 Test2 Test3 Test4 Test5 Test6 Test7 Test8 Other
161 The Mad Mage's Wand Strength HP detect traps fight IQ critical hit luck
164 the Fallen Orb subspace detection detect traps SP fight IQ HP Strength
165 The weekly market thievery fight Quiz
166 The Cracked Looking Glass. Part 1 Constitution climbing charisma subspace detection detect traps fight leadership SE
167 Test of Honor IQ fight healing potion leadership
168 The missing pet Strength expert hunt heal wounds fight
169 Fairy Tales Part 1 - Little Red Riding Hood healing potion fight fight SE HP fight SP fight
170 Soulless SE fight Constitution fight charisma IQ fight
171 Doomlord in Wonderland expert hunt Constitution Strength IQ learning fight fight
172 just another dream? expert hunt fight Magic
173 Leaving Long River town Strength IQ Magic fight
174 The Sword fight climbing Magic mana potion fight Strength Strength
176 charisma Constitution SE map finding Luck fight expert hunt
178 Now that's just annoying Constitution Luck execution HP healing potion subspace detection
179 The Hunt for the Golden Goblet fight Strength critical hit trapping fight mind boost fight
180 Mysterious Cave detect traps fight HP
# Name Test1 Test2 Test3 Test4 Test5 Test6 Test7 Test8 Other
183 Surprise! Luck critical hit HP
184 Excalibur Strength IQ fight charisma leadership Luck fight Attack
185 The seat of learning Quiz Quiz IQ learning SE
187 300! leadership Defense fight Constitution IQ HP
188 new allies Attack execution fight
190 Rescue your pride. IQ Constitution Magic critical hit critical spell execution Thaumaturgy fight
191 Keira tha lost soul Defense Attack leadership heal wounds leadership fight
192 a kindnapped princess IQ Attack fight
193 First steps of a warrior Strength fight Quiz detect traps pick locks
194 Lord Frankensteve IQ SE fight oblivion fight
195 March or Die! Constitution fight trapping IQ Quiz
198 The mythical treasure IQ map finding fight fight SE mana potion detect traps pick locks
199 The arena of heroes fight healing potion fight Quiz
200 Easy entrance? Strength fight heal wounds fight healing potion Quiz IQ Luck
# Name Test1 Test2 Test3 Test4 Test5 Test6 Test7 Test8 Other
201 underworld realm Strength fight thievery fight Magic IQ
202 marauders thievery fight Magic IQ fight fight
203 The hunter becomes the hunted Luck IQ SP critical spell fight
204 The Cave of power IQ fight detect traps Strength
205 The Cottage map finding building fight Quiz fight mind boost Thaumaturgy pick locks
206 It's a builder's life Magic SP building mind boost Constitution Luck HP SE
207 The mighty river IQ Strength building Constitution Luck Quiz
208 pub Quiz IQ Quiz fight Quiz Constitution IQ expert hunt Luck
209 And Death came! climbing fight fight Luck fight climbing
210 Descent climbing fight Quiz fight climbing
212 Strike down the killer Bushes! Strength IQ fight healing potion SE climbing fight fight
213 Journey South trade Constitution trapping subspace detection fight IQ mana potion
214 Buried Chest trade Strength map finding climbing Magic fight SE
215 Amnesia - Part 1/2 subspace detection Strength fight IQ subspace detection pick locks IQ charisma
216 The Contest of Champions fight Strength fight healing potion Quiz charisma fight
217 The Ancient Order of Knowledge Keepers IQ SE fight healing potion fight climbing fight IQ
218 Fairy Tales Part 2 - Snow White and the Seven Dwarves HP SP fight fight fight healing potion fight SE
220 Fairy Tales Part 3 - The Three Little Pigs SP SE mana potion fight fight HP fight fight
# Name Test1 Test2 Test3 Test4 Test5 Test6 Test7 Test8 Other
221 Beauty contest leadership Constitution Luck charisma fight healing potion fight Quiz
222 Robbery fight charisma SE
223 The strange cave IQ fight healing potion
224 SUX2BU HP fight Magic expert hunt IQ
225 The Green Thumb map finding IQ Luck building fight fight learning SP
226 The Furrier - Go South Constitution Thaumaturgy Attack magical regeneration Constitution fight fight Strength
228 The Gemstone and the Temple climbing Constitution subspace detection SP IQ fight
229 Sleeping guard fight HP climbing IQ thievery execution Constitution learning
230 Rescue the Princess Strength Magic climbing fight fight IQ fight fight
231 Lost in rage fight HP fight Magic
233 Baby Sitting? charisma leadership fight heal wounds fight fight charisma Strength
234 Si vis pacem, para bellum HP fight oblivion IQ Quiz mind boost fight healing potion
235 Gathering Storm map finding IQ fight expert hunt Luck
236 Amnesia - Part 2/2 mind boost detect traps IQ Strength fight execution subspace detection Defense
237 The old bridge IQ fight SE
238 Entering The Full Cycle Strength IQ mana potion fight Magic
239 The Gladiatorial Olympics Strength Constitution fight HP fight healing potion
240 Dawn Patrol climbing Constitution fight
# Name Test1 Test2 Test3 Test4 Test5 Test6 Test7 Test8 Other
241 Master skills trainer. IQ detect traps climbing trapping expert hunt healing potion
243 Prayers of the elderly Mage fight IQ execution
244 Return to the Furrier fight fight expert hunt pet training intelligent pet Luck Strength fight
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