The most important activity in a clan is building. Only clan members who have already filled the soul-well can use or build the clan buildings. You can't load any more soul-energy into the soul-well after filling it. The SE used for filling the soul-well or building increases the the luck ability. This ability is acquired upon finishing the first soul-well or after loading 2000 SE into it. Building or loading SE into the soul-well can be done in the Clan menu, after choosing the Buildings tab. There is no restriction to the amount of SE you can use for building or loading into the soul-well. These activities can also be performed during hunts. Most of the buildings can have more levels, the bonuses given by these buildings are increased by their levels. More than one building can be under construction in the same time. The statistics button near each building shows the list of contributions to that building from the members of the clan.

The efficiency of building can be increased by the building skill. This skill however does not affect the soul-well or your luck. Both will increase as much as they would without the bonus offered by the building skill.

The following buildings can be constructed:

The following diagram shows buildings and their interdependence: building diagram.

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