Ability points

Ability points are the main source of a player's strength. Each player has 7 different ability.

Abilities have 2 categories:

Phisical abilities:


Magic abilities:


Bonuses from equipment:

The bonuses given by your equipment are shovn in brackets next to your ability.
Example: Strength 50 +(23)

These bonuses don't count when you are willing to upgrade an ability. Also they aren't included in the overall ability score.

Improving the abilities:

At the start every ability stands on 20. Improving it by one point costs from "x" level to "x+1" is x2-100 Soul Energy.
If you have the required soul energy in hand, click on the + button next to the ability you want to improve and after a pop up window it will be raised by 1 point.


The luck is 1 when you get it.

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