Doomlords are extremely busy fighting each other, though the planet hides a lot of treasures to find. So many relics of past ages… The soul-hucksters hunt for them tirelessly and if they find one, they sell it to a Doomlord as soon as possible. Doomlords are not interested in anything but soul-energy so this became their currency - this valuable essence is closed into soul-crystals to change hands. Even more rare are the ancient stones - unfortunately the secret of their making is lost in the returning. The ancient stones store soul-energy in an unbeleivably concentrated form, so Doomlords can buy special, rare artifacts for them.

The relics bought from the soul-huckster can be used to strengthen your character: you can pick your weapon, armor and shield and the unnecessary pieces of equipment can be sold to the trader.

It is an open secret that soul-hucksters are servants of the most powerful Doomlords of the planet. They collect the soul-crystals and ancient stones for their lords. If someone tries to destroy these traders, he or she will will have to face the wrath of these Doomlords.

Groups of items

The following item classifications are available:

The full list of items is also available.

Only basic and premium items, magic and healing potions are available at the soul-huckster, dimension gate items and epic items require clan buildings, while auction items are available at the Auction Hall from level 24 in exchange for ducats. Some items are only available after level 40, in exchange for soul diamonds which are rewards for completing adventures.

Using items

After buying an item, you need to pick it up in order to use it. This is done by clicking on the item's name. In case of focus crystals, you can select the desired crystal from the listbox below the item. (the item must be in use) If you insert a focus crystal into an item which already has a focus crystal, the old crystal will be destroyed. It is also possible to simply delete a focus crystal from an item by clicking on the caption below the crystal. This will also result in the destruction of the focus crystal. Once you pick up an item, you can't put it down, unless you replace it with another one.


You can buy items at the soul-huckster for soul-energy, ancient stones, or soul diamonds, or for any combination of these. You can also sell any items you don't need any more to the soul-huckster. The soul-huckster will buy back items for 25% of their standard price. (the price of an item without considering bonuses to your trade skill) You can't sell the weapon you're using.
The price of items can be modified by:

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