Hints for quest #28

Quest: Attack a Doomlord or Doomlady and kill his/her pet!

1. Prepare for frustration :)
2. To kill a pet you need the Secondary attack skill, so train that first.
3. Attack players with pets. To see who have pets, check their character page before dueling (click on their name)
4. Attack players with low skill points since the only way to heal a pet is by the use of Heal wounds skill. Therefore if a player is low on skill points he will probably not have that skill yet.
5. Pets take a percentage of the damage you do to the other player so except of skill points in Secondary attack is good to have a good weapon and points in both attack and strength abilities.
6. Be patient and hit the same player as often as possible. If you are in a clan and are at war with another, pick members of the opposing clan since you can hit them every hour.
7. If you try a lot and still cannot do it, drop the quest until you get the higher level skill Secondary spell or the first pet damaging spell (sparkling rain, level 39 spell). Since the spells deal much more damage than combat, it will make it much easier to complete the quest.


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