Hints for quests #36 and #60

Quest: Have exactly 0 spell points when you open the Quests panel!

Many ways of doing this since it only requires you reduce your SP to 0. Here are some:
1. Use the curse pyramid building and curse a player. Then uncurse him. Then curse again. Repeat until SP=0.
2. Mind boost skill. Use it continuasly until SP drops to 0. That will cost you AP/AS though to re initilize the skill
3. Duel a lot in a brief time with a high SP spell
4. Use manaconstruction, sets your SP to 0
5. If you have the crystal orb relic, scry a player using the clan building scrying orb every minute until SP=0

Note: Some of these ways might not give you exactly 0 SP but you end up with a very low amount. So then either refresh your page every few seconds until you reach EXACTLY the amount you need to use whatever you decided (therefore if you use it it will be exactly 0) or use a combination (example: Duel until your SP is 338, mind boost something for 300sp, then use scry orb until down to 8, wait until you reach 30sp and use orb again. SP=0) Then IMMEDIATELY open the quest page to avoid getting a single SP due to your regeneration


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