Hints for quest #38

Quest: Discharge the soul-well, or answer 20 quiz questions correctly in a row!

1. Premium members can just pick the quest when they can discharge the soul well, and then discharge it. Done!
2. Non premium have to answer 20 questions in a row, so 1 mistake will reset their quest. Not hard to do but be very carefull. And to avoid frustration, save up on AP so you will have the chance to re try even if you fail, without waiting for your AP to become 20 again.

Note: For those wondering what does it mean to discharge the soul well, once a month, if you are premium, you can go to miscellanious page and use the option Discharge soul well. It has a cost of 10 AS and will give you se in return. Ofcourse you have to be in a clan to do this

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