Hints for quest #42

Quest: Loot at least 1500 SE from an attacked Doomlord or Doomlady!

1. The easiest way is to ask for help (explained from point 6 )
2. Without help, try to see which players usually have se on them and hit them often
3. Max your creative affinity skill
4. Get clan members to report any target they hit that has se on him. That way if you are logged in at that time and you see their message you can go for him too
5. Go to war with a clan you have many targets so you can hit them hourly
6. With help: Find a player and agree to hit him when he is at around 20k se (pick a player of equal or greater level than you to avoid getting less se)
7. Agree at a time and then have him message you when is ready. Attack him with exactly 1500se on you.
8. Then either say you will help him with the same quest or just let him do the same to you (points 6 and 7) so he will get his se back
Important: Do not delay attacking since he will be in risk of a random attack by other players and loose se he will never get back!!


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