Hints for quest #44

Quest: Stun your opponent at least 3 times!

1. To stun an opponent you need an item with the paralyzation property
2. First item at soul huckster with such a property is diamond chip (lvl 18) focus crystal
3. Better wait until Shadow whip weapon (lvl 60) since it gives a 20% chance +4% if you equip the diamond chip.
4. There are also 2 dimension gate items, both are rings, which give 7% (bronze ring) and 12% (stunning ring) paralyzation which you might get a lot before the shadow whip if your clan has Dimension gate
5. Fastest way to do the quest is combine Stunning ring, Shadow whip and diamond chip for 38% chance of stunning
6. Stunning chance is for EVERY combat round so you could stun the same opponent 3 times in the same duel (-10 attack every time you stun)
Note: Keep the items until you get one with higher stunning % since more quests, including a repeated one, will require you to stun a lot. Especially the stunning ring is the ONLY DG item with so high stun. Other rings come from epic which are stronger but a lot harder to get. So do not sell it!


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