Hints for quest #53

Quest: Let your trained pet make more damage than you in 5 battles!

1. Have a pet which has reached at least level 20 so it will have a good attack and damage value
2. Duel with a spell that deals no damage(blinding light at soul huckster level 9 is recommended) and equip your level 1 mace (buy it again if you do not have it).
3. Every duel that you do less damage than the total damage of your pet it counts, regardless if you won or lost.
4. If you are having trouble, and you have ancient stones, consider getting an item that gives +damage to your pet
5. Make this happen 5 times and you are done
Note: The spell and weapon mentioned here are the same you need for the Achieve draws in duels at least 5 times quest so keep them if you have not finished that yet. If you did then you should already have them, unless you sold them. In any case never sell those 2.


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