Hints for quest #58

Quest: Achieve draws in duels at least 5 times!

This is the most hated and hard to do quest. However, once done, it gives more satisfaction than all other quests combined.

1. Be patient.
2. You have to get draws in duels. Who attacks makes no difference so even if someone else attacks you and gets a draw it still counts
3. Proper gear: If you do not have the level 1 mace you get when you first enter the game, buy it again. Also buy the level 8 spell blinding light. The goal here is to get a 0-0 damage draw. So armor and shield with high defence will help a lot while avoiding any which give high attack. Naturally, all pets should be send to rest to avoid them damaging your opponent. Also spend any se on you, you will be a sitting duck for opportunists if you dont.
4. Proper help: There is no way to do this alone. There are 2 ways to get help for this:
-->a. Ask players from your duel range to help you. If they have not completed the quest, it is a good chance for them to get rid of it also. If you will try that go to 5
-->b. Get help from your clan. This means you or another clan member has to leave the clan in order for the rest to attack him AND change horde. If you will try that go to 8
5. Try to get players from the same clan and then agree to make a fake war between your clans. Fake means it will end in a draw so noone gains/loses anything. Also no players from the 2 clans will not get involved unless they are doing the draw quest. This will allow the ones involved to attack and be attacked hourly, increasing their chances of a draw.
6. If you cannot get same clan players then just get help from as many different players as you can. You will be limited to the 8 hour wait between attacks but hopefully you will get enough targets to make the wait seem shorter.
7. In any of the 2 cases, all involved should get ready as described in part 3, and start attacking each other as much as possible. Keep doing so until you get 5 draws.
8. If your clan will help you then choose who will leave and he has to change his horde. This will require for him to spend 50 ANCIENT STONES and another 50 to get back. Also leaving the clan means all TRASURE POINTS will reset to 0. So consider these 2 points very carefully and make sure the one who will do it understants the sacrifice.
9. That person will then either form a clan or join an existing one. Forming a new one is better since no other players have to get involved. Then both clans go to a fake war meaning only players with draw gear (part 3) will attack each other. This will allow all involved to attack hourly
10.Keep attacking each other until you get 5 draws.

Note 1: It is good to keep your character with draw gear on even when you are logged out to give others the chance to hit you often.
Note 2: If any of you doing the quest notice any other player hitting you all the time, ask him to stop until you finish the quest. Most of the time he should listen, if not, at least you tried
Note 3: Even if you finish the quest it would be nice if you continue until all of the others had a chance to finish as well
Note 4: FYI, there is an item in the auction house called Emperors scroll. This item completes the quest you have active the moment you get it. If you have the gold, that is the only shortcut out of this quest


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