LvL Name SE SD AS other
40 elixir of wrath level*31 5 Invisibility against a doomlord
40 Crystal Mug 2000 Crystal potions give 20% more crystal points
40 partial mindshield 2000 5 If someone is scrying on you, he/she will not see your experience points
50 medic pack 4000 You can heal wounds at the end of combat regardless of your items level.
55 Book of Beasts 5000 20 Pet training and heal wounds time is halved
60 adventure orb 6000 The chance of finding adventure is increased by 1%
70 equipment lease 8000 The ancient stone and soul diamond cost of pet equipment is halved . (but no less than 2 ancient stones)
70 Disinfecting orb 49000 7000 If your infection is more than 70% when you buy this, your infection will be set to 70% (even if it was 100%). From level 69, you can decrease your infection by 4% instead of the usual 2.
75 Soul poisoner 4000 10 Follow link for description
80 bracers of Friendship 7000 20 You can give support to anyone in your clan, the support reaches its destination 3 times faster and it isn't removed if the supported attacks a lower level character.
85 Healing wand 10000 30 Follow link for description
90 black market membership 14000 20 The maximum of your trade skill increases to 180
100 scroll of Adaption 25000 20 If your infection is 0, your can get a +5 mind boost bonus to one more skill
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