Creative affinity

Gives you bonus to the soul-energy reward you receive from duels. Each skill point gives you +2% SE, but your opponent doesn't lose this additional amount, except on the peaceful world.

  • Works only in duels you initiate and win.
  • There is a daily limit to the amount of extra SE you can acquire with creatire affinity. It depends on your level and the DP setting:

$(600 or 900 + 10*shape reality)*level$ (600 with 15 DP/day, 900 with 30 DP/day). The limit is increased for members of the Diamond Horde by their horde bonus.

  • The extra SE from creative affinity is disregarded when the torture chamber reward is calculated.
  • This skill doesn't increase SE received from the Dimension Gate battles.

Learning skill required: 1
Maximum level of the skill: 50


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