Elementary fusion

If your elementary fusion is level 3, you receive +1 action point each day.
If it's level 6, the duration of your hunts is decreased by 10 seconds.
At level 9 of the skill, you receive one more AP daily, at level 12, your hunts will be 10 more seconds faster and so on until level 57 of the skill, where you'll receive 10 more APs each day and your hunts will last 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

  • The decreased duration of the hunts does not affect the time for answering quiz questions, but you'll still need to answer the question for a given hunt before the hunt is finished.
  • Using the Acceleration options you can increase the maximum value of this skill to 111 by spending 200 APs. After level 57 of the skill, the number of APs/day doesn't increase, only the duration of the hunts, by 5 seconds for each 3 skill points.
  • Above level 57, this skill doesn't increase the cost of other skills.

Learning skill required: 10
Maximum level of the skill: 57(111)


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