Mind boost

You can increase a skill (one at a time) temporarily by half as much as your mind boost level. The increased skill level will never exceed its maximum and cannot be increased by more than the base level of the skill. Not all skills can be increased by mind boost. Cost: $(mind boost level) * 5$ SP, but if the skill to be boosted is lower than the maximum amount of boost you can apply, the cost becomes $(skill points boosted) * 5$ SP. Even so, you need to have $(mind boost level) * 5$ SP in order to use mind boost. The minimal reuse time of mind boost is 1 hour, its effect lasts until the next time you use mind boost. Chronocompensation decreases the reuse time, each level by 1 minute. On level 50 of chronocompensation, the reuse time will be 10 minutes instead of 60. It is possible to activate mind boost again immediately in exchange for 1/3 ancient stone or one action point.

The possibility to boost a specific skill is displayed in the table below:

Skill Can it be boosted?
Learning No
Subspace detection Yes
Creative affinity Yes
Singularity knowledge Yes
Trapping Yes
Pet training Yes
Chronocompensation Yes
Secondary attack Yes
Leadership No
Continuum diminution No
Heal wounds Yes
Elementary fusion Yes
Charisma Yes
Trade Yes
Transcendal projection Yes
Thievery Yes
Execution Yes
Toughness Yes
Shape reality Yes
Spectral manipulation Yes
Mind boost No
Critical hit Yes
Building Yes
Soul-energy squeezing Yes
Intelligent pet Yes
Hard skin Yes
Oblivion Yes
Hatred of diamond Yes
Hatred of ruby Yes
Hatred of emerald Yes
Hatred of sapphire Yes
Critical spell Yes
Horde making No
Transplantation Yes
Detect traps Yes
Climbing Yes
Pick locks Yes
Secondary spell Yes
Disadvanced development Yes
Energy harness Yes
Magical regeneration Yes
Manaconstruction Yes
Ultraspecialisation Yes
Expert hunt Yes
Epic specialization No

Learning skill required: 20
Maximum level of the skill: N/A


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