Soul-energy squeezing

Allows you to gain soul-energy from captured creatures. Each skill level increases the amount of SE by 20%. The captured creature dies during the process of squeezing. This skill can be used once each hour, but the reuse time can be decreased by the skill chronocompensation by 1 minute for each skill point. At the highest level of chronocompensation, which is 50, the reuse time of soul-energy squeezing is reduced to 10 minutes from 60. It is also possible to reuse the skill immediately in exchange for 1/3 ancient stone or one action point.

The formula

For untrained creatures: $base SE * (1 + 0.2 * squeezing level)$
For trained creatures: $base SE * (1 + 0.5 * creature level + 0.2 * squeezing level)$

Restoring squeezed/released pets

The cost of restoring is 10 ancient stones, and additonally, in case of squeezed creatures, you will also have to pay twice as much SE as the amount gained from squeezing.
Untrained creatures or creatures squeezed as part of a quest objective cannot be restored. It is also not possible to restore creatures squeezed while wearing gradulatums.

Learning skill required: 26
Maximum level of the skill: 60


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