Energy harness

Increases the minimum amount of SE you receive from duels. The guaranteed amount depends on your skill and your opponent's level.

  • If the SE you would receive from a duel is lower than $(skill level * opponent's level * 0,2)$, the SE you receive will be rounded up to this value. This is increased by creative affinity but only as long as you haven't reached the daily limit you can receive from creative affinity.
  • It also works when you are attacked and you win, but in this case, creative affinity will not increase the SE, but the XP you receive can be halved by the Preventorixpikusz.
  • You can only develop this skill if you don't already have disadvanced development.
  • The duel percentage does not affect either the SE or the XP.

Learning skill required: 44
Maximum level of the skill: 50


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