Heal wounds

Allows you to heal your wounded pets, restoring their HP. The higher your skill level, the more of your pet's HP you can restore at once. Pets don't regenerate their HP automatically, so this skill is required to keep your pets alive. This skill also heals you after battles whenever you suffer damage at least three times the amount of damage you deal, provided that your equipped items are appropriate for your level. The amount of HP healed depends on the level of the skill and your constitution. After reaching level 30 of the skill, you will be able to heal more pets at once.

Pet healing effect

At level 1 of the skill, 1 HP is regenerated, at levels higher than 1, the amount of HP healed can be computed using the following formula: $y=(x-1)*2$ where y is the amount of HP that will be regenerated while x is the level of your healing skill.

Damage compensation effect

You will regenerate a percentage equal to your healing skill of the damage you suffer, in addition to the amount of healing you receive from your constitution. This effect works only if the attacked character's weapon and spell are not much lower than the level of the character. It is not possible to regenerate more HP using damage compensation than the HP you had before the battle.

Effect against entities

The requirement for battling entities is a heal wound skill of at least level 20. (mind boost and items can be used to achieve this) If your HP falls below 15% of its maximum value during a fight against the entity, damage compensation will be triggered. (you will also lose an AP)

The formula for calculating damage compensation: $[(0.01*H)*D]+[(C-20)*(0.96+level/25)]$

Where H = heal wounds skill, D = damage taken, C = constitution, level = character's level.

—> The maximum amount of HP that you can regenerate using damage compensation is 60% of the damage taken.

Learning skill required: 9
Maximum level of the skill: N/A


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