The soul-well stores the soul-energy collected by the clan. You do not have to improve it after the construction, its capacity is increased continuously as you raise newer buildings. If the clan wins or loses in war, the charge of the soul-well may change.

The soul-well is the first building that has to be constructed by a clan. Those who join a clan after the soul-well has been finished, will have to load SE into the soul-well, equal to the size of it. This amount will be decreased partially by the character's previous contributions. After joining a clan, the new member can only use the other buildings after filling the soul-well.

Building the first soul-well or filling it will grant you the luck ability.

Members of a clan with a finished soul-well are able to discharge the soul-well, thus acquiring significant amounts of SE.

The size of the soul-well is increased by any contribution from members, including loading SE into the soul-well. Using the SE accumulated in the soul-well for building does not increase its size.

Normally, the soul-well fills up in one week (not considering SE loaded by clan members), which is decreased by 8 hours for each level of the Catalyst.


Highest level: 1
Requirements: N/A
Cost of building: 5000 SE
Growth: Below 50k, by 1/10 of the total contributions, over 50k the divisor increases by 1 after each 5k SE used for building. So, at 55k, size will increase by 1/11 of the contributions, at 60k, by 1/12 and so on. The limit is reached at a the size of 175k, after which the soul-well will increase by 1/35 of the contributions.

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